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Funding for industry

The Research Council of Norway offers partial financing of research and development projects. Industry projects are financed through the tax deduction scheme SkatteFUNN, User- driven innovation projects or thematic programmes. Long term research projects can be supported through the Centres for research driven innovation scheme (CRI).


SkatteFUNN offers tax deductions of up to 20 per cent for a company's expenses in connection with R&D activities for approved projects. To qualify for the scheme, a description of the project's content and R&D challenges must be submitted.

Programme page:
SkatteFUNN website

Project Establishment Support (PES) - EU, EUREKA, EFTA

The Research Council offers support in the formation of projects that will result in European research and development cooperation.

Contacts at RCN:
Randi Aarekol Basmadjian Adviser 22 03 70 48
Programme page:
PES website

User-driven Research-based Innovation (BIA)

The special funding programme for user-driven innovation projects offers partial financing to major R&D projects for the development of technology, services or processes that have the potential to enhance value creation.

Contacts at RCN:
Lise Våland Sund Senior Adviser , Astrid B. Brenna Special Adviser 22 03 73 11
Programme page:
BIAs website

Centres for Research-based Innovation (SFI)

The SFI scheme is designed to fund long-term research conducted in close cooperation between Norway's most research-oriented companies and its most prominent research communities.

Programme page:
SFI website