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The ERA-NET Scheme: Cooperation between research programmes in Europe

Norway is an active member in the ERA-NET Scheme, with the Research Council of Norway as the main Norwegian actor.

See the list of the ERA-NETs in which the Research Council is participating and the respective contact persons (in Norwegian).

An ERA-NET is a formalised programme-to-programme cooperation between European national programmes in selected thematic areas. The ERA-NET Scheme is an instrument under the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

Countries participating in an ERA-NET jointly define their area of collaboration. ERA-NET activities are to avoid overlapping with research activities funded on a purely national basis.

Two categories: ERA-NET and ERA-NET Plus

In both categories of ERA-NET, joint calls for proposals form the basis for cooperation between research groups in participating countries. The activities within an ERA-NET may subsequently lead to the establishment of project consortia and the submission of grant proposals to other schemes under the EU Framework Programme.

ERA-NET: The framework programme provides funding for the activities to coordinate the participating national programmes. The research activities are funded by the national programmes.

ERA-NET Plus: A number of ordinary ERA-NETs are developed further into ERA-NET Plus actions. In an ERA-NET Plus the research activities are partially funded by the framework programme, with the participating countries providing the remainder of the research funding as well as the funding for coordination activities.

Norwegian participation

ERA-NET participants are European research funding bodies. As of 15 June 2013, Norway has participated in 65 ERA-NETs and 6 ERA-NET Plus since the scheme was launched. The Research Council of Norway has been and is the Norwegian actor in almost all of these.

Read more about the ERA-NET Scheme in general on the EU’s Community Research and Development Information Service (CORDIS) website.

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