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EU RTD Department

The Research Council of Norway has the national responsibility for the management of EU framework programmes for research and technological development. RCN represent Norway in FP7 Committees together with representatives from the Norwegian Ministries.

The broad thematic and horizontal approach of the framework programme is reflected by the way EU-R&D-management is organised in the Research Council. Departments responsible for national R&D-programmes also host national contact points (NCPs) for the respective activity in the framework programme. Participation in the European framework programmes is the core of RCNs activity.

All contact points activities are coordinated by the EU-RTD department, which is part of the integrated staff of the Council's director general.

Norway in Framework Programmes

Norway has long traditions in participating in EU RTD actions. It first started in 1987 on a program level. The EEA agreement (from 1.1.1994) gives Norway full rights and obligations in the Framework programmes. Norway's participation in EU Framework Programmes has resulted in a research community that is far more engaged than before, both in European research collaboration and as a participant taking responsibility for structuring and internationalising Norwegian research.




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