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COST (European Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research) is a scientific and technical research cooperation between the 27 EU nations and Norway, Bulgaria, Iceland, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Romania, Switzerland and Turky, in all 36 countries. Israel is participating as co-operating state.

The COST co-operation

COST is an intergovernmental European framework for international co-operation between nationally funded research activities. COST creates scientific networks and enables scientists to collaborate in a wide spectrum of activities in research and technology.

COST Actions consist of basic and pre-competitive research for peaceful purposes as well as activities of public utility. Scientists themselves propose new Actions making COST an attractive forum for new and emerging topics.

The concept of COST meets the growing demand for international co-operation, multidisciplinary research, complements the European Union RTD Programmes and forms an important and valuable element in the European Research Area. COST has developed into one of the largest frameworks for research co-operation in Europe and involves nearly 30 000 scientists.

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