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Evaluation of basic and long-term research within technology

The evaluation of basic and long-term research within technology was conducted in 2014. The evaluation included research groups from universities, university colleges and institutes. The results of the evaluation are summarized in three panel reports, and one overall report.

The evaluation's objectives are;

  • A critical review of technological research with an international perspective.
  • To obtain an international perspective on how the Norwegian research environments should face challenges within the field in the future.
  • Provide recommendations and actions to enhance the quality and efficiency of the research.
  • Serve as a foundation for strategic and subject-specific development within the individual research institutions.
  • Strengthen the Research Council's competence and grounds to advise the government and relevant departments in matters of research policy.

Key findings

Please see news item and the reports in the right column.

How the evaluation was conducted

The evaluation was conducted by three international panels of experts with 5-6 panel members. The three panel chairs have summarized the key findings in an overall report, in addition to the three panel reports.

  • Panel 1: Energy and Process Technology (including: Oil, gas, CO2, fluid mechanics, metallurgy for the process industry, electrical energy)
  • Panel 2: Products, Production, Project Management, Marine Systems and Renewable Energy (including: solar energy, bio energy, marine process technology, sensors and instrumentation/mechatronics, technology for fisheries and aquaculture)
  • Panel 3: Civil Engineering and Marine Structures (including: buildings, roads, water and wastewater engineering, structural mechanics)

The evaluation was based on three elements:  

  • A self-assessment submitted by the participating research environments based on an assessment template.
  • A bibliometric analysis of the scientific publications within the technology disciplines in Norway, and of the groups that were part of the evaluation. The analysis was carried out by NIFU.
  • Hearing meetings between the research groups and the panels. The meetings took place in Trondheim and Gardermoen in November 2014.

A total of 64 research environments/groups were part of the evaluation. The evaluation of technological research is the last to follow in the evaluation of the MNT- disciplines for this period of time. Previous evaluations include Chemistry (2009), Physics (2010), Geological Research (2011), Biology, Medicine and Health (2011), ICT (2012), and Mathematics (2012). The research groups from these evaluations were with a few exceptions not part of the evaluation of basic and long-term research within technology. The participating research environments came from 6 universities (NTNU, NMBU, UiB, UiS, UiA, UiT), 3 university colleges (Gjøvik, Østfold, Telemark) and 8 institutes (IFE, NGI, IRIS, MARINTEK, SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, SINTEF Materials and chemistry, SINTEF Energy, SINTEF Fisheries and aquaculture).

Follow-up of the evaluation (2015 – 2016)

The follow-up of the reports will involve all the research groups that were part of the evaluation. Some parts will be followed up by the institutions, and some on a national level. A substantial part of the recommendations made by the panels need to be followed up by the respective institutions on a group/department/institute level. Recommendations made on a national level, or those common for several research environments/groups, will jointly be followed up by the institutions of higher education, the institute sector, the Research Council, and the ministries.


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